The organizers of the cafes that  even come to Germany as refugees, try to teach other refugees computer skills and to enable Internet access in their cafe. They will be given help,  advice and also diverse "life coaching".

On October 4, 2012  the Brandenburg refugees self-organizations on a press conference to table their demands to the Brandenburg state parliament . They call for the abolition of all discriminatory laws on asylum.

Recording from 42. Political power Evening (# npa042) of the Digital Society E.V ..
For updates on Internet policy issues and campaigns

Bringing Internet access to those who need it most.

Keynote Speech

A Lecture by Mr. Chu Eben (Refugees Emancipation e.V.)

Aufzeichnung vom 41. Netzpolitischen Abend (#npa041) des Digitale Gesellschaft e.V..
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Short presentation by Daniel Kruger on "Internet for Refugees" on the "This is power politics!" - Conference of on 04.09.2015 in Berlin.

"Refugees Emancipation has been fighting to ensure that Geflüchtetenunterkünfte get Internet cafes.

Refugee Emancipation Project, Potsdam, Germany

rbb, 06.20.2014. Around walls and barbed wire, security cameras in the courtyard, crowd in the rooms: On World Refugee activists who demonstrated before Erstaufnahmelager Eisenhüttenstadt against unacceptable conditions from their perspective.

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